Wonders of Kazan

Wonders of Kazan

Wonders of Kazan
On 15 December 2020, the Serbian Diving Federation team took a Kazan city tour.

The athletes visited the Kazan Kremlin with the legendary Kul Sharif mosque, the beautiful Syuyumbike Tower, and many other places of amazing Kazan!

Our guests liked the Kul Sharif mosque most of all. Besides the places of interest, the Serbian athletes were impressed by the history of Tatarstan and the legend about the Syuyumbike Tower.

There are several legends about the history of the Syuyumbike Tower. So, one of the most beautiful legends says that after the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible, Khan's queen named Syuyumbike, charmed the tsar, who wanted to marry her. Syuyumbike ordered Ivan the Terrible to build the highest tower in Kazan in seven days. If he manages to do it, she will go to Moscow with him. Ivan completed the mission: in seven days, he built a seven-level tower, which rose high above the city. Queen Syuyumbike wanted to say goodbye to Kazan before the departure, she asked to look at the city for the last time, but she did not want to leave, so she committed suicide and jumped from the tower. There is an incline towards the direction of her jump. Currently, the incline is already 1.98 meters. They say that the very reason for the capture of Kazan by the Russian troops was queen Syuyumbike. Ivan the Terrible was deeply in love with the beautiful queen.

We hope to see our Serbian friends in Kazan many times! We have plenty of beautiful places full of Tatar legends and customs.


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