Activity Areas of the FINA Development Centre

Activity Areas of the FINA Development Centre
FINA Scholarships
The FINA Scholarships Programme offers the opportunity to obtain financial and technical assistance partially covered by FINA for an athlete proposed by their National Federation. The Scholarship helps the athlete in their preparation and qualifying for the upcoming World Championships.
For athletes only
The FINA Clinics
An educational programme available to representatives of National Federations who wish to join the FINA Clinics. The courses are intended for training coaches and officials in order to provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to the further development of aquatic sports in their countries.
For coaches and officials
FINA Schools
The goal of the FINA Schools is to conduct training and certification of officials in 6 (six) aquatic disciplines. Officials attend the FINA School in the particular discipline and pass the certification exam in order to obtain FINA Technical Official status. Only FINA Technical Officials may be included in the list of FINA Technical Officials eligible to officiate at FINA Competitions.
For officials only
FINA Coaches Certification Programme
The programme is available to representatives of National Federations who wish to join the FINA Coaches Certification Programme. The course is designed to provide coaches with training that gives them an opportunity to continuously develop, educate and improve their level for the advancement of the sport. The FINA Coaches Certification Programme is part of the coaches' certification course worldwide.
FINA World Seminars
The FINA World Seminar aims to be a reference event for coaches, officials, or experts in the selected FINA discipline. The event is led by the FINA Technical Committee in charge of the discipline, who will define its programme, target group and main goals.
Main Activity Areas of the FINA Development Centre
The main goal of the FINA Development Centre is to create the most favourable conditions for unlocking the potential of athletes representing countries with minor national achievements in swimming, as well as providing opportunities to improve their results in preparation for the World Championships and the Olympic Games.
Upgrading the qualifications of coaches and officials from Russia and neighbouring countries and conducting educational programmes for coaches and officials are another priorities of the FINA Development Centre.
FINA Development Centre Events
In addition to educational modules, the FINA Development Centre organizes various activities aimed at popularizing the aquatic sports: master classes with famous athletes, autograph sessions, and training camps.
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Since the launch of the programme (from February 18, 2019 to the present), 10 swimmers from 10 countries (Georgia, DPRK, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Latvia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Montenegro) have participated in the Swimming programme, two of them qualified for the FINA World Championships in Gwangju, Korea.
The Diving programme is open since May 2019. To date, 7 divers from 7 countries (Dominican Republic, Egypt, India, Iran, Lithuania, El Salvador, and Chile) take part in the programme. Three scholarship holders participated in the FINA World Championships in Korea in 2019. Two scholarship programme participants (Swimming and Diving) qualified for XXXII Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo (Japan).
The training process at the FINA Development Centre is organized at the Aquatics Palace (main venue) and the Olympiets Sports Complex of the Kazan School of Olympic Reserve (additional venue) under the guidance of head coaches (Gulnara Garipova in Swimming and Pavel Muyakin in Diving), appointed by the Fédération Internationale de Natation.
FINA Development Centre In Kazan Annual Report