Welcome to Kazan, Lev!

Welcome to Kazan, Lev!

Welcome to Kazan, Lev!
We are grateful to announce that on Thursday, January 20, 2022, Lev Cherepanov was coming to Kazan to participate in the FINA programme, he represents the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty).

Lev is the first FINA athlete in history who will represent open water swimming in this programme, and the first scholarship holder in 2022.

He also shared his emotions and expectations about the FINA programme: "I'm very happy to come to Kazan and get to know the culture of Tatarstan. I hope I can learn some new things from my new coaches: Pavel and Darina and apply this experience in the future. Can't wait to meet the team to have fun after hard trainings".

Lev Cherepanov (born in 2001) Master of Sports, of the athlete's best achievements is third place at the Asian Championships in Kuwait in the 10 km. And second place at the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2021.

Welcome to Kazan !!!

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