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Two pearls of Colombian sport go to Kazan to fulfil their dreams
The FINA Development Centre is ready to announce the start of the new season in 2022.

In the new season, our centre expects to receive about 30 scholarship holders in three aquatics disciplines (swimming, diving and open water).

And we are glad to announce that the FINA scholarships holders of the 2022 season are beginning to arrive in Kazan.

And first among the swimmers and divers in the capital of Tatarstan two athletes come from Colombia: Karen Durango (swimming) and Steffanie Madrigal (diving).
Both athletes, like their coaches, are focused to the Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris, France in 2024, and also the task to fulfill the standard for the 19th FINA World Aquatics Championships, which will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, from 13-29 May 2022.

"After learning that the Fina had chosen her, we sat down to investigate which of the countries that was an option was the best for Karen," said coach María Teresa Agudelo, who has trained the swimmer since she was very young"

Another reason why Russia has become a priority for an athlete, is one of the best swimming facilities in the world, which is located in Kazan, and a large number of aqutic events which will be held in 2022,namely:

8th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2021;
16th FINA World Championships (25m) 2022

However, Stephanie's decision was focused on the list of coaches and athletes who train in Russia, in Kazan. Because we know that Kazan is one of the most athletic cities in Russia, as well as one of the leaders in the number of victories in various sports.

In addition to the intensive trainings that our athletes are going to have, they will also have the opportunity to learn Russian, to get to know the culture.

Besides, they can travel and represent Colombia at various international competitions, that are scheduled by Fina for 2022.

We wish good luck to our new scholarship holders in this new year, in the new team of the FINA Development Center!

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