The First Fina Virtual Competition

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The First Fina Virtual Competition
FINA continues its series of virtual events for the training centres. On September 26, the first online competitions took place. Swimmers from the centres in Kazan (Russia), Florida (USA) and Phuket (Thailand) conducted swimming heats in pools at various events, and then shared their results.

In the Aquatics Palace in Kazan during the morning training session Arina Baikova (Latvia) swam 400m individual medley, Musa Zhalayev (Turkmenistan) and Davor Petrovski (North Macedonia) competed in 200m individual medley. Davor and Musa showed the best results at their events.

'This format of events proposed by FINA is relevant and interesting, unites athletes and coaches, allows the centres to exchange experience in preparing for the starts and even compete in the new conditions of this year', says Ranko Tepavcevic, head of the FINA Development Centre in Kazan.
Results of the FINA Development Centre scholarships in Kazan:
Arina Baikova (Latvia, F), 400m individual medley – 5:11.39;

Musa Zhalayev (Turkmenistan, M), 200m individual medley – 2:18.59;

Davor Petrovski (North Macedonia, M) – 2:18.50.
The results of the athletes of the "Thanyapura" training centre in Phuket (Thailand):
Haziq Samil (Brunei, M), 400m freestyle 4:01.28; 200m freestyle 2:03.65; 100m freestyle 56.9; 400m individual medley 5:13.5;

Tasi Limtiaco (Federated States of Micronesia, M), 200m breaststroke 2:15.86; 100m breaststroke 1:03.57; 100m butterfly 1:02.23; 100m freestyle 1:00.40;

Abobakr Abbas (Sudan, M), 100m freestyle 1:07.66; 100m breaststroke 1:04.84; 200m breaststroke 2:32.41; 100m butterfly 1:06.7;

Ayman Klzie (Syria, M), 200m butterfly 2:06.52; 100m butterfly 57.50; 100m freestyle 56.05;

Michael Rasolonjatovo (Madagascar, M), 100m backstroke 59.30; 200m backstroke 2:09.91; 400m freestyle 4:50.50;

Omar Abbas (Syria, M), 400m freestyle 4:01.22; 200m freestyle 1:51.50; 100m freestyle 54.20; 100m butterfly 1:03.00;

Finau Ohuafi (Tonga, M), 200m individual medley 2:19.41; 100m butterfly 1:06.56; 100m freestyle 59.02;

Sangay Tenzin (Bhutan, M), 200m individual medley 2:37.2; 200m freestyle 2:22.6; 100m breaststroke 1:19.2; 100m freestyle 1:02.5;

Kinley Lhendup (Bhutan, M), 200m individual medley 2:35.33; 200m backstroke 2:59.33; 100m backstroke 1:23.45; 100m freestyle 1:11.54;

Edgar Richardson Iro (Solomon Islands, M), 200m individual medley 2:30.41; 100m butterfly 1:14.43; 100m breaststroke 1:22.74; 100m freestyle 1:03.74;

Judith Meauri (Papua New Guinea, F), 200m individual medley 3:09.30; 200m freestyle 2:25.25; 100m backstroke 1:30.55; 100m freestyle 1:06.33;

Sovann Montross (Cambodia, M), 200m backstroke 2:41.40; 200m individual medley 2:42.30; 100m backstroke 1:07.54; 100m freestyle 59.30;

Ammara Pinto (Malawi, F), 400m freestyle 5:10.42; 100m backstroke 1:16.33; 200m freestyle 2:28.75; 100m freestyle 1:05.50.
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