Thank you, St. Petersburg, you were wonderful!

Thank you, St. Petersburg, you were wonderful!

Thank you, St. Petersburg, you were wonderful!

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Thank you, St. Petersburg, you were wonderful!
On December 27-28, the traditional XV International swimming tournament "Vladimir Salnikov Cup" was held in St. Petersburg.

Competitions were held on short course (25m) in the Specialized Sport Complex for swimming «Development Center».

In 2 days, our scholarship holders started 27 times (9 national records, 5 personal bests and 1 season bests).

At the traditional XV International swimming tournament "Vladimir Salnikov Cup", our FINA Development Center team was represented by 8 swimmers, namely:

1. Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda)
2. Rabejaona Holy Antsa (Madagascar)
3. Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda)
4. Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda)
5. Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius)
6. Fahim Anwari (Afghanistan)
7. Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria)
8. Abeku Jackson (Ghana)

The results of our scholarship holders:

Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda)
-50m breaststroke – 29.41
-50m butterfly – 25.58 (personal best)
-50m backstroke 27.31 (national record of Uganda)
-50m freestyle – 22.99 (national record of Uganda)

Rabejaona Holy Antsa (Madagascar)
-100m IM – 1 :09.08 (personal best)
-50m freestyle – 27.30 (new national record of Madagascar)
-100m freestyle – 1 :00.13
-50m butterfly – 28.95

Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda)
-50m butterfly – 26.65
-100m butterfly – 1 :00.58 (personal best)
-50m freestyle – 24.24 (new national record of Rwanda)

Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda)
-50m freestyle – 26.43
-50m breaststroke- 33.20 (new national record of Uganda)
-50m butterfly – 29.00 (personal best)

Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius)
-50m breastroke – 30.01
-100m breastroke – 1:04.52
-200m breastroke – 2:17.22 (season best)

Fahim Anwari (Afghanistan)
-50m butterfly – 29.47
-50m freestyle- 27.07 (personal best)

Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria)
-50m butterfly – 23.98 (national record of Nigeria)
-100m butterfly – 53.78 (personal best)
-50m freestyle – 22.67 (national record of Nigeria)

Abeku Jackson (Ghana)
-50m butterfly – 23.62 (national record of Ghana)
-100m butterfly – 52.71(national record of Ghana)
-50m freestyle – 22.89

We would like to point out that the athletes after the 15th World Short Course Swimming Championships (25m) on the background of physical and moral fatigue has managed to once again improve the results that can not please us!!!!

It is important for us that there were also athletes who did not manage to participate in the World Short Course Swimming Championships, but were able to perform well at the Vladimir Salnikov Cup, namely: Abeku Jackson, Colins Obi Ebingha, Fahim Anwari.

All three athletes at the end of the year were able to please themselves and the coaches with their improved results and national records! Well done!

Dear athletes,
FINA Development Center congratulates you on the end of the swimming season!
We have new goals, new challenges in 2022!
We wish to achieve the highest results, to be the best and invincible!

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