Swimming Championship of the Republic of Tatarstan (2021)

26-28 January 2021
Aquatics Palace
Day 1
«I am very pleased with my result in the 100m freestyle, because I improved my time, but despite of this, I have some mistakes, so there is something to work on!» - commented Arina.
Today it was the second day of the swimming championship of the Republic of Tatarstan. Our athletes Arina Baikova (Latvia), Ado Gargovic (Montenegro), Bisma Khan (Pakistan), Salvador Vieira Gordo (Angola) performed in three disciplines: 50m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 200m freestyle.
Day 2
Bisma Khan swam 50m backstroke with the result - 32.42 - recently she swam with the same time in short water, today she was able to transfer it to long water. She also completed 200m freestyle with the result - 2.21.
Ado garkovic finished 50m backstroke with the result 28.85, 200 freestyle 1.59.87. Both results were also very close to his best.
Ado Gargovic (Montenegro) competed in the 100m freestyle showing a result 54.99 and Salvador Vieira Gordo (Angola) 56.27 in the same distance.
The competition day was completed by Arina Baikova (Latvia). She finished the 800m freestyle in 9.07:05.
Arina Baikova overcame 200m freestyle with the result 2.04.32 – and she officially improved her result by 0.1 second.
«Today we are very pleased with the performance of each athlete, everyone was able to swim close to the best or improve their results. This is very good for the start of the season, considering that Ado has been training for less than a week after quarantine and Salvador joined us only yesterday and took part in the championship without trainings. For girls, this is also a very good result, since now they are swimming under load and we did not thoroughly prepare for this start», - commented Darina Sergeeva, our coach.
Today, on January 26, the Tatarstan Republic Swimming Championship started at the Akcharlak poolin Kazan.
Bisma Khan (Pakistan) was the first to compete in the 100m freestyle, showing a result of 1.03:72.
Arina Baikova (Latvia) with time of 57.28 became the first in the 100m freestyle event and set her Personal Best.
Salvador Gordo competed the distance of 100m butterfly with the result 57.66 - very close to his best.
Today on the January 28, 2021 was the final day of the Tatarstan Republic swimming championship.
Day 3
Results of the 3rd day:
Arina Baikova (Latvia) 400m freestyle - 4.23:59
Salvador Vieira Gordo (Angola) 50m butterfly - 26.28
«isma Khan (Pakistan) 50m butterfly - 29.89
Ado Gargovic (Montenegro) 50m freestyle - 25.97
«isma Khan (Pakistan) 50m freestyle - 28.96
Needless to point out the fact, that Salvador Vieira Gordo (Angola) hadn't been swimming 50m butterfly for 2 years, he had his official PB 27.11, and today his result was 26.28.
"The swimming championship of the Republic of Tatarstan is over. For the team of the FINA Development Centre, this competition can be considered as a very successful start of the macro cycle. Almost all distances were covered close to the best results, which is quite good at this stage of preparation. Such a performance even more motivates the guys to work further, to give all their strength to achieve the best time. And we will put all our knowledge and all our strength into them",- commented Darina Sergeeva, coach of the FINA Development Center in Kazan.