Summary from FINA Swimming world Cup in Kazan

Summary from FINA Swimming world Cup in Kazan

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Summary from FINA Swimming world Cup in Kazan
Yesterday, the last, third competitive day of the FINA Swimming World Cup ended, and with a pleasant aftertaste we can say that it was incredible and will be remembered by all participants for a long time. In just 5 days, we were able to get to know the new world swimming stars better, as well as show our team to the whole world.

We can say with confidence that the main goals of the event were related to the determination of the new winners of the 2021 World Cup, because the final stage was held in Kazan, but it is also a good opportunity for our fellows to show their readiness for the upcoming World Swimming Championships (25m) in Abu Dhabi, which will already be held in December this year.

And according to the results of the competition, almost every athlete has improved his personal result or national one.

As a result, 20 national records for 3 competitive days, and 22 personal ones. This is for those who are in the program to date.

A graduate of the program also performed, who in total fulfilled 3 "B" standards for the World Cup, and improved her personal results 4 times.

The last day of the competition gave us several national records, as well as the final of Arina Baikova (LAT) for 200 m IM, as well as two completed B standards for the Short course World Championships.

At the morning part, all 11 scholarship holders took part:

50 m butterfly

1) Salvador Gordo (Angola) - once again pleased his family and his teammates with his new national record - 24.84.

2) Fahim Anwari (Afghanistan) swam again to a new national record of 28.52, which was for him an incredible completion of this World Cup with 100% improvement in results.

3) Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda) showed a time close to his best, already set at the Championship of the Republic of Tatarstan - 26.80

4) Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda) - here he once again swam with the improvement of his country's time and finishes the competition at a very solid and adult level with a new Ugandan record - 25.75

5) Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria) also impresses with its pace of development, but today he swam at about a similar level – 24.42.

50 m breaststroke

6) Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda) also continues to please us with his progress, as a result, his own and national best result is 33.25. I am glad that Kirabo swam together with the famous breaststroker Yulia Efimova.

100 m butterfly

7) Antsa Holy Rabejaona (Madagascar) impressed her local federation at this FINA World Cup and declared herself as the main candidate for the Olympics in Paris. New improved personal time – 1:05.91

8) Lorena Gonzalez (Cuba), a Cuban swimmer at the stage performs with a time close to her best and already at this distance was a little short – 1:03.98, fatigue affected the last stage.

100 m backstroke

9) Ronan Wantenaar (Namibia) swam this distance in 57.07. Most likely, fatigue affected after several national records.

200 m breaststroke

10) Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius) competed with the world's strongest breaststrokers in one heat, in the end 2:19.89 and a few hundredths of seconds missing his own best time.

400 m individual medley

11) Ali Imaan (Maldives) at such a rather difficult distance and at the end of the competition performed above all praise with a new national record of his country - 5:06.64.

The final stage of the FINA World Cup ended with an award ceremony for the strongest swimmers who participated in all four legs for a whole month and, as a result, became the best this year:

Emma McKeon (Australia) and Matthew Sates (South Africa), having received a prize fund of $ 120,000, with which we sincerely congratulate them.

The coach of the FINA Center, Darina Sergeeva, left a comment on the results of the FINA World Cup in swimming:

"Here, in Kazan, there were 3 really interesting days at the World Cup in Swimming. It wasn't just the swims themselves. Athletes have met so many famous athletes and been so inspired by them. It was a great chance to become a part of the whole big swimming community.

There is also good news about the results. We can't mention any of our team individually, they all showed their strength. After 3 days of competition, we had about 20 national records, and it cannot but surprise us that we continue our work. Swimmers are still taking their steps to improve results, and that's a good thing. The next stop is the Abu Dhabi World Cup, the main event of this season. And our main goal as coaches is to prepare them for excellent results, both mentally and physically!"

Our team managed to learn from the experience of athletes with an international big name. Being at the start in the same pool, you begin to feel the importance of the work you have done in training. So we wish not to slow down at the next starts, continuing to go towards our dreams.

Thanks to FINA for the opportunity to perform at such a high level.

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