Russian swimming championships. Two finals for FINA development team.

Russian swimming championships. Two finals for FINA development team.

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Russian swimming championships. Two finals for FINA development team.
On the fourth day of the Russian Swimming Championship in Kazan, there is still a lot of good news that shows the overall progress of the coaching staff, as well as the athletes of the FINA Development Center themselves. Although the competition program today was shorter than the previous ones, but strong results began to appear more often. Today is marked by two final heats of Arina Baikova and Luis Vega, as well as several personal bests, as well as a new national record of Rwanda. The rest of the team had a day off today before the final part of the championship.

Today, 4 out of 14 FINA Development Center athletes participated in the morning session.

And two in the evening session.

1) The most anticipated final of this day for the FINA Development Center is the 200 meters butterfly, where Luis Vega Torres (Cuba) yesterday set a new national record, and also fulfilled the Olympic standard B. Today, he was close to repeating his enchanting performance, in the end 1:59.68 and sixth place at the Russian Swimming Championships. A very good result for a Cuban swimmer. Congratulations!

Luis himself shared his opinion after the Final swim: "Yes, today was a very difficult race, unfortunately I worsened my result yesterday, but I was tired, the first 50 meters were easy and I felt confident, but then it was more difficult, given the class of Russian athletes. Tomorrow I will have an equally difficult test – 200 meters Individual Medley, so everything is still ahead!»

2) Another important event of the day was the final of Arina Baikova (Latvia) in the longest distance of this championship – 1500 meters freestyle. This is the first time she is swimming this distance at the big championships – and already in the preliminary heats, she confidently qualified for the final stage.

Today, she showed will and nice endurance, swimming in 17:32.36, resulting in 7th place at the Russian Championships. But Arina's main focus is on the 800 meters, and we are looking forward to the new Latvian record.

The next discipline, where three FINA Center scholarship holders participated, was the 100-meter freestyle.

3) The first hero is Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda), who set a new national record for his country, swimming in 0:57.99. A confident finish allowed him to improve on the result of Rwanda.

4) The next hero was Saddam Ramziyorzoda (Tajikistan), who set his new best time - 0:58.91, which indicates serious progress, given his young age and talent, everything is ahead of Saddam!

5) In addition, our long-time friend Ado Gargovic (Montenegro) once again pleased his fans, as well as the coaching staff, by setting a personal best of 0:53.46 at the same distance.

A very solid time for the Montenegrin swimmer.

6) Another positive news for the FINA Development Center team is a good time for the 800-meter freestyle swim of Franci Aleksi (Albania), which he swam in 8:37.06, improving his previous result at the Russian Cup by as much as 11 seconds. The coaching staff appreciated his endurance and are confident that more serious results are ahead for Franci.

All the results of today are available here.

Tomorrow we will have a busy day: 100 meters freestyle (women) and 200 meters IM (men). 8 athletes will swim in the morning part of the competition, but we also expect to see our fellows in the evening in the pool of the Aquatics Palace in Kazan.

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