Russian swimming championships (2020)

Russian swimming championships (2020)
25-30 October 2020
The aim of the Russian Swimming Championship is to develop and popularise swimming in the Russian Federation.
Aquatics Palace
On October 25 the Russian Swimming Championship (50m) started at the Aquatics Palace in Kazan.
Day 1
During the morning programme, Arina Baikova (Latvia), a FINA Development Centre scholarship holder, swam her first event – 100m backstroke with the result: 1:05.71.
On the second competitive day, medals were awarded in the following events: 100m backstroke (men), 200m butterfly (women), 200m freestyle (men), 50m breaststroke (women), 100m breaststroke (men), 100m backstroke (women), 200m individual medley (men), 800m freestyle (women), relay race 4×100m combined (mixed).
Day 2
Three athletes of the FINA Development Centre performed today: Arina Baikova (Latvia), Davor Petrovski (North Macedonia), Musa Zhalayev (Turkmenistan).
The programme of the second day of competitions opened with a spectacular event of 200m individual medley (men), where Davor Petrovski demonstrated his sportsmanship and showed a result of 2:14.52.
During the morning session of the third competitive day of the Russian Swimming Championship, the FINA Development Centre scholarship holders Musa Zhalayev (Turkmenistan) and Arina Baikova (Latvia) performed.
Day 3
Musa competed in two short events: the first start — 50m backstroke (27.85), the second — 50m freestyle (24.50).
Arina Baikova performed at 200m backstroke and showed the result 2:20.21.
"Today I swam 2 distances, I am satisfied with the results of my performance, at the same time I have something to work on. I am grateful to the FINA Development Centre for the opportunity to take part in the Russian Championship, to compete with the best swimmers of Russia," - said Musa Zhalayev.
In the evening programme, five finals were held, the winners received their medals in the following events: 200m backstroke (women), 100m butterfly (men), 100m freestyle (women), 800m freestyle (men), relay 4×100m freestyle (mixed, men and women).
"Arina opened the Russian championship with 100m backstroke. There was a slight hitch during the start, and this affected the result. But the event was chosen as a warm-up one, so that the athlete felt the competitive spirit, overcame the excitement and was ready to compete in the following days," said Gulnara Garipova, head coach of the FINA Development Centre.
At the opening ceremony, the participants of the Russian Swimming Championship were greeted by the Minister of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation, four-time Olympic champion Vladimir Salnikov, Acting Rector of the Volga State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Rafis Burganov. Vladimir Salnikov thanked organisers for staging the competition, the athletes and judges for participation despite the difficult conditions of this year, wished the swimmers good results and light water.
In the evening programme of the championship, medals were awarded in the following events: 400m freestyle (men), 400m individual medley (women), as well as relay races - 4x100m freestyle (men) and 4x200m freestyle (women).
Musa Zhalayev's result in the 200m freestyle is 1:57.81.
Arina Baikova performed in both the morning and evening programmes. In the morning, Arina swam 100m freestyle in 58.31, and in the evening programme the athlete became the fifth in the 800m freestyle. With a result of 9:01.86, Arina set a national record and her personal best.
Arina Baikova: "I am pleased with my result in the 800m freestyle. I set the national record for Latvia. The event is difficult, especially in the second half. Together with the coach, we will work on my mistakes. There are four competition days ahead, I wish everyone good luck and excellent results."
On the fourth day of competitions, two FINA Development Center scholarship holders competed: Arina Baikova (Latvia) and Davor Petrovski (North Macedonia).
Day 4
The first to start was Davor Petrovski, who swam the 50m butterfly in 27.40. Then Arina Baikova successfully performed in the 400m freestyle and qualified for the final. As part of the evening programme, the athlete completed the final heat being seventh, having swum the event in 4:23.37.
The finals were also held today in the following events: 200m breaststroke (men), 50m butterfly (women), 50m backstroke (men), 100m breaststroke (women), 50m freestyle (men), 200m individual medley (women), relay 4×200m freestyle (men).
In the semifinal 50 meters butterfly, Andrey Minakov from St. Petersburg set a new youth world record, showing a time of 23.05.
On the final day of the competitions, the FINA Development Centre scholarship holder Davor Petrovski (North Macedonia) took part in the 200m butterfly and showed the result of 2:09.73.
Day 6
Davor Petrovski: "At the Russian Championship, I competed at three events. My results are close to my best, but I expected to swim better. I liked the competitions, I'm grateful to everyone for organisation. Ahead is the Vladimir Salnikov Cup in St. Petersburg, I will train hard with my coach to improve my time".
Three junior world records were set at the Russian Championship: Andrey Minakov in the 50m butterfly (23.05) and 100m freestyle (47.57), Ilya Borodin in the 400m in individual medley (4:11.50).
Also today, medalists were determined at the following events: 100m freestyle (men), 200m breaststroke (women), 200m backstroke (men), 100m butterfly (women), 1500m freestyle (men), 50m freestyle (women), 200m butterfly (men), 50m breaststroke (men), 200m freestyle (women), relay 4x100m (medley, men), 4x100m (medley, women).
Gulnara Garipova, head swimming coach of the FINA Development Centre, summed up the results of the competitions:
Arina Baikova (Latvia): Arina set the Latvian national record in the 800m freestyle. However, further, due to unwellness, the athlete was unable to swim at her maximum and show the best result.
Davor Petrovski (North Macedonia): Davor showed decent results during the competitions, taking into account the short preparatory period. During the heats, technique mistakes were made and insufficient endurance was demonstrated in the second half of the distance. These moments will be practiced during the trainings.
Musa Zhalayev (Turkmenistan): Musa showed good results, at some events he managed to improve his time.
Results of the FINA Development Centre athletes
Arina Baikova
100m backstroke
100m freestyle
800m freestyle
Musa Zhalayev
200m freestyle
50m backstroke
Davor Petrovski
200m individual medley
200m butterfly
50m butterfly
50m freestyle
200m backstroke
400m freestyle