Russian Diving Champions Cup will be held in Kazan 17-19 March 2021!


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Russian Diving Champions Cup will be held in Kazan 17-19 March 2021!
Scholarship holders will take part in the competitions:

Alejandro Solarte Osorio (Colombia)
Carlos Daniel Ramos Rodríguez (Cuba)
Irakli Sakandelidze (Georgia)

It was the idea of our head coach - Muiakin Pavel to take part in the competition among the strongest Russian divers: «This year, as part of the preparation and selection for the Olympic Games, the Russian Cup for the national diving team was divided into 3 stages: the first competitions were held in February in Penza, the second one will be held in Kazan in March, and the last one will be on Moscow in April. I suggested that our divers can also take part in the Champions Cup together with the strongest athletes of the Russian national team in order to gain competitive experience, to find out our mistakes. Also, the stressful situations, such as competitions, are always a big plus, you can see how an athlete is ready on the physical and psychological level, to understand what needs to be worked on in the future. I also hope that after this competition, we will be able to take part in the third stage of the Russian Cup, which will be held in the Moscow region in the Ruza city in April, so that our guys can see the performance of the strongest divers, and also try their own programme.»

«I am preparing for the competition, I hope to jump well at the competitions, although I have not competed for a long time, I will do my best to perform well», - commented Carlos Daniel (Cuba).

«I am very happy to be able to participate in the competition, I have some nerves because I am used to train at the pools without any roof, but I will try to do my best», - said Alejandro Solarte (Colombia).

We are happy to take part in the competitions! We all missed this atmosphere so much! Good luck to our divers!

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