One year of FINA Development centre in one specific book

One year of FINA Development centre in one specific book

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One year of FINA Development centre in one specific book
The year 2021 has become the most significant for the FINA Development Centre in Kazan and it is safe to say that it is the most successful during the existence of the program.

The annual report on the activities of the FINA Center with all the most important events and results for the calendar year has already become traditional. Each of the 140 pages is a serious fruit of the work of the whole team, both the sports block and the administrative one. And the past year will become a story that athletes, their national federations and coaches will be proud of.

And we, in turn, present a printed work, which is also available in electronic form. You can download the report here.

The head of the FINA Development Center in Kazan, Ranko Tepavcevic shared his opinion on the results of the past year:

"The previous year 2021 showed a positive trend in the implementation of the FINA Development Centre scholarship programme. We were very happy to see our current scholarship holders as well as programme graduates at the Olympics in Tokyo. At such moments, you begin to feel even more strongly all the power and significance of the project being implemented....." the continuation can be read in the report itself.

In addition to the welcoming words of the top-managers , the report displays:

1) Key sporting events for the year;
2) All cultural and leisure events attended by the scholarship holders;
3) The main statistics of the performances of swimmers and divers in all competitions for the year;
4) The most striking photos of all seasons, as well as from all events, including events with star athletes;
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