Kazan hosted Artistic swimming training camp. Serbian national team remained impressed about the opportunity given.

Kazan hosted Artistic swimming training camp. Serbian national team remained impressed about the opportunity given.

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Kazan hosted Artistic swimming training camp. Serbian national team remained impressed about the opportunity given.
The first Artistic swimming training camp held as part of the activities of the FINA Development Center in Kazan from April 19 to 27, 2021, have come to an end.

The second half of April was held in Kazan under the banner of the most graceful water sport.

From April 16 to 18, the first international meet under the FINA control was held for a long time. The Artistic swimming World Series brought together athletes from 8 countries, which already shows a serious organizational preparation for holding such events in difficult conditions.

Immediately after the World Series, the main Russian tournament of this spring – the Russian Championship-was held.

But for the team of the FINA Development Center, the second part of April will be remembered for holding the first artistic swimming training camp:

The participants of the training camp were beautiful representatives of the Serbian national team:

Svetlana Kontic

Nevena Dimitrievich
Elena Kontic
Sofia Djipkovic

The plan of the Serbian team for the trip to Kazan:
1) Successfully perform at the Artisitic swimming World Series leg in Kazan.
2) Prepare fruitfully for the pre-Olympic cycle, namely for the LEN European Championships, as well as for the Olympic trials in Barcelona.

"All the tasks were completed perfectly..." - says the youngest athlete of the team, Sofia Djipkovic. "From the very beginning, the trip to Kazan turned out to be successful, because at the stage of the ASWS, we managed to win 3 medals, which already made us very happy. The Organizing Committee did a good job, which allowed these competitions to take place…»

Immediately after the competition, the Serbian team started serious systematic training. Team coach Svetlana Kontic shared her opinion about the "Aquatics Palace" and the organization of training camps in general: "Indeed, this trip to Kazan was very effective for us. We were able to fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of serious training in such a wonderful pool, where everything motivates you to get the most out of it, especially when you see these huge stands, a good pool and equipment.

Another very convenient moment is related to logistics, since we lived on the territory of the" Aquatics Palace"and food was organized right there, we were able to fully focus on sports tasks before the next starts."

In addition to the sports part, a cultural and educational part was offered for the participants of the training camp. "I have been dreaming since my last trip in 2019 to learn more about such an unusual city for Russia as Kazan. It has its own identity, its own unusual architecture, and of course wonderful local cuisine. " - says Nevena Dimitrievich.

"During the training camp, we managed to visit several iconic places in Kazan, such as the Kremlin and the Raifa Monastery, which is already a good relief for the body and mindset. I really remember the excursion program, the guide was wonderful, we will definitely call her when we return to the World Series next year and discover new places in such a rich city with history…»

Jelena Kontic summed up her opinion about this training camp: "Every time Kazan opens up for us in a new way, there is always something to see and do. The local organizers made our trip unforgettable, considering how well we were treated by the staff of the pool and cafe, it becomes clear that in this hospitable city, big sports events are greatly missed.

Training camps allowed us to approach the next competitions in the best conditions. And I, in turn, recommend that other artistic swimming teams hold their training camps here, under the roof of the "Aquatics Palace". Everything here is conducive to progress…»

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