Musa Zhalayev

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Musa Zhalayev
Hello everyone! My name is Musa, and I am a participant of the FINA Scholarship Programme in Kazan. Today I will tell about my beloved country – Turkmenistan. In my country there are five major cities:

1. Ashgabat
2. Türkmenabat
3. Türkmenbaşy
4. Daşoguz
5. Mary

The capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. Independence was proclaimed in October 1991. Turkmenistan is the most neutral of all states in the former territory of the USSR.

The population is about 4.76 million people.

Ashgabat has the world's only museum of the Turkmen carpet. One of the most valuable relics of this museum is the Turkmen Kalbe (the Turkmen Soul) giant carpet, created in 1941-1942, with an area of 193.5 square meters. In addition, during the Soviet era, Turkmenistan had the only "Institute of the Sun" in the world. There are many beautiful sights in Turkmenistan, such as: Darvaza – gas crater, Arch of Neutrality, Monument to Vladimir Lenin, the Palace complex of Oguzkhan. Ashgabat was the first country in the Central Asian region to be entrusted to host the Asian Indoor Games. The development of sports in Turkmenistan is one of the national ideas and tasks of our state. One of the most popular sports is the national wrestling "Turkmen Gores", as well as martial arts and swimming!

Welcome to Turkmenistan! Looking forward to your visit!

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