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Mohab El Kordy
Hello everyone. My name is Mohab. I am a member of the FINA Diving Scholarship Programme in Kazan!

Today I will tell you about «The land of the Pyramids».

It is called the Arab Republic of Egypt, but we use Egypt as well!

Some people think that we are in the middle of the World, which might be true. Moreover, Egypt is not only in Africa but also there is a small part of it in Asia as well.

The capital is Cairo and that is where I live! It is considered to be the cradle of civilization as the Egyptian heritage dates back roughly to the 5th-4th millennia B.C. Ancient Egyptians aka "the Pharaoh's" were the ones who showed the whole world the earliest developments of writing, agriculture as well as huge iconic monuments like the pyramids, temples, tombs and the Great Sphinx which are still standing. We have many monuments all over the World. There are also some museums possessing Egyptian artefacts.

Interesting fact: the ancient Egyptians were the ones who introduced the 365-day calendar to measure the flood of the Nile. Due to its strategic position, many empire civilizations showed interest and occupied us for a while, like Greeks, Romans, Persians, Fatimids, Mamluks, the Ottoman Empire and Britain. Nevertheless, even after all of that influence, Egypt retains its own unique civilization and culture. It was also an early and important centre for Christianity and Islam.

Egypt's weather is sunny most of the year. We have many beaches like Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, etc.

Come and visit Egypt! As now, I am officially a tour guide, so your tour is on me!

For everyone who thinks Egypt is only a desert and we use camels as our daily transportation – this is totally untrue but you can ride a camel in some touristic places.

Welcome to the Land of the Pyramids!

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