International Diving Meet "Tatarstan President's Diving Cup" (2020)

1-4 November 2020
Aquatics Palace
The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan V. Leonov and the Vice-President of the Diving Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan A.Bagautdinov. Vladimir Leonov noted that despite this uneasy season, there is a chance to organise competitions and gather athletes from the Russian regions together. The Tatarstan President's Diving Cup is held for the third time and contributes to the development of this beautiful sport. The minister also wished the athletes and coaches excellent starts and good luck.
Day 1
The FINA Development Centre was presented by the Dominican scholarship holder Frandiel Gomez Vargas.
On November 3 another competition day of the Tatarstan President's Diving Cup took place at the Aquatics Palace in Kazan.
Day 3
The finals were held in the following disciplines: 1m springboard juniors (boys, group B), 5m, 7.5m, 10m juniors (girls, group B), 3m springboard juniors (boys, group A) and men OPEN, 3m springboard synchro juniors (boys) and men OPEN.
The FINA Development Centre scholarship holder Frandiel Gomez Vargas (Dominican Republic) competed in 3m springboard in the "men OPEN" group.
Pavel Muiakin, head diving coach of the FINA Development Centre: 'Frandiel showed a good performance, he tried to do his best in each dive. The final dive was not very successful, although he always did it well. In general, I am satisfied with the results, there is room for improvement, and we will train, so that he comes up to the next competitions in the best shape'.
Today the athlete competed in the 1m springboard and showed the sixth result with a total score of 316.80. Frandiel's programme included 6 dives: 405C (68.20), 107C (54.00), 105B (54.60), 205C (30.00), 305C (54.00), 5152B (56.00).
Frandiel Gomez Vargas: 'I am very glad that after a long break I participate in the competitions again. Despite one failed dive, I was able to mobilize and perform other dives at a good level. I am grateful to my coach for his work and motivation, it helps me to move forward and achieve my goals'.
In his discipline, Frandiel went first to the springboard and showed his programme of 6 dives: 405B (66.00), 107B (75.95), 407C (66.30), 205B (58.50), 305B (45.00), 5154B (62.90). The athlete managed to cope with the excitement and performed the dives at a good level. The total score of Frandiel is 374.65, which allowed him to take fourth place in the Cup standings.
Frandiel Gomez Vargas: 'This month I have learned a lot, including preparation for the competitions. It was an enlightening experience for me. I feel great at this tournament and I'm really happy'.
On November 1 the international competitions "Tatarstan President's Diving Cup" started at the Aquatics Palace in Kazan. This tournament is included in the LEN calendar. Athletes of different age take part in the competitions: juniors, men and women.
Results of the FINA Development Centre athletes
3m springboard
405B, 107B, 407C, 205B, 305B, 5154B
Total Score:
Frandiel Gomez Vargas
103B, 403С, 301С, 5122D, 203C
1m springboard
Total Score: