Final countdown before Olympic games in Tokyo. International swim meet in Dubrovnik (CRO).

Final countdown before Olympic games in Tokyo. International swim meet in Dubrovnik (CRO).

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Final countdown before Olympic games in Tokyo. International swim meet in Dubrovnik (CRO).
June was one of the busiest and most difficult months for the FINA Development Center team. But the goal for the scholarship holders remained the same – to qualify for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Earlier this month, swimming team took part in a local competition in Kazan "Cup of the Republic of Tatarstan". No serious results were expected from the athletes at this start, since it took place during a load training cycle and the main goal was to prepare for the upcoming main start of this summe in Croatia. Ishihaka Irankunda (Rwanda) pleased us with a new national record in the 100-meter freestyle.

The final competition for our swimming scholarship holders was the international competition "Golden Orlando", held in Croatia in the wonderful city of Dubrovnik. In addition to our athletes, members of the national team of Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia and not only took part in this swim meet. Accordingly, this start allowed us to feel the international competition to a greater extent, and most importantly to focus on own performance.

Dates of the event are June 12-13, 2021.

Our team of the FINA Development Center was represented at this event almost in full:

1) Ado Gargovic (Montenegro)
2) Ali Imaan (Maldives)
3) Bernat Lomero Arenas (Andorra)
4) Fahim Anwari (Afghanistan)
5) Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius)
6) Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria)
7) Salvador Gordo (Angola)
8) Ishihaka Irankunda (Rwanda)
9) Jackson Abeku Gyekye (Ghana)
10) Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda)
11) Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda)
12) Saddam Ramziyorzoda (Tajikistan)
13) Luis Vega Torres (Cuba)
14) Ronan Zuberg Wantenaar (Namibia)
15) Lorena Gonzalez Mendoza (Cuba)
16) Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda)
17) Habibat Ogunbanwo (Nigeria)

Each athlete focused on two main distances, which were held on the first and second competition days. The coaching staff has formed the most optimal schedule.

According to the results of the Golden Orlando swim meet, the coach of the FINA Development Center, Darina Sergeeva, left her comment:

"After two busy days of performances by our athletes at Golden Orlando, we can say that for most of our team it was another success.

The entire coaching staff, as well as the entire team, were waiting for a breakthrough in the 50-meter freestyle for Eloi Maniraguha and the 100-meter butterfly for Jackson.

And we are proud to say that we have received it.

I was very pleased with Habibat, who again developed her result in the 200 meters freestyle.

It is safe to say that step by step, we are moving towards our goals. Of course, they are all different, different levels of capabilities, training, but the mission is the same-progress. The guys all tried very hard and it shows. The next mesocycle will end with the Olympic Games and the whole team is looking forward to it. Just like their coaches."

All the results from the international start of the "Golden Orlando" are presented here:

Among the main results, it is worth highlighting a large number of new personal and national records from our scholarship holders.

But in addition to winning over themselves at the competitions in Dubrovnik, the swimmers showed high places in the overall table of the swim meet.

A total of 11 medals were won (including the junior category). This can be considered a pleasant bonus, which will allow you to add confidence before the next competitions.

There are also several places in the TOP 10 at the competitions. Taking into account the international status, our swimmers showed outstanding results competing with such world-class athletes as Zsuzsanna Jakabos (Hungary), Szebasztian Szabo (Hungary), Sasha Touretski (Switzerland), Viktoria Gunesh (Turkey) and other members of their national teams.

The results of these competitions were accepted by the national federations of our fellows of the FINA Development Center for further formation of the squad list of participants at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Moreover, the trip to Croatia was remembered not only by a good performance at the competitions, but also by the city of Dubrovnik itself. Our athletes were able to fully enjoy the local culture, cuisine and traditions. For many swimmers, the trip to Croatia was the first.

Saddam Ramziyorzoda, an athlete from Tajikistan, expressed gratitude and also shared his opinion about the trip to Dubrovnik: "Yes, it is very great that FINA allowed us to make such an eventful trip, because we competed at a very decent level, and lived in very good conditions. Thank you very much for this opportunity. We have a lot of work ahead of us!"

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