Excellent performance of our athletes in Ruza at the Moscow Region Diving Cup

Excellent performance of our athletes in Ruza at the Moscow Region Diving Cup

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Excellent performance of our athletes in Ruza at the Moscow Region Diving Cup
From April 4-6, 2021, spectacular and intense competitions were held in Ruza - the Moscow Region Cup, and the selection for the World Cup was also held at the same time, since previously it was canceled. That is why these competitions turned out to be quite difficult for the FINA Development Centre scholarship holders from Kazan, but nevertheless, according to the head coach, Pavel Muiakin, this was the most valuable experience.

Frandiel Gomez (Dominican Republic), Alejandro Solarte (Colombia), Carlos Daniel (Cuba) took part in the competition.

In the competition on a three-meter springboard, Frandiel Gomez brilliantly showed his performance and took the 2nd place with a result of 388.85.

The competition in Ruza was commented by the head coach of the FINA Development Centre in Kazan - Pavel Muiakin: "Frandiel performed from the one-meter and three-meter springboard. I am very satisfied with Frandiel's performance. During his entire stay in Kazan and participation in the FINA programme, this was his best performance. There were some difficulties with the 307C jump, but we are working hard on this issue, nevertheless, he performed it very well. We had prepared a complicated programme for the one-meter springboard, but unfortunately, jump 5154 was not performed well. The fact is that something went wrong during the trainings in Ruza, Frandiel was confused in a new place, and this influenced to the performance. In general, everything was fine, but it was the jump which affected the final result.

Alejandro had arrived quite recently and his first participation in the competition took place in Kazan from March 17-19. Unfortunately, the lack of time for preparation did not allow him to compete for the prize in the city of Ruza, however, the performance of his jumps has already become better, especially considering the fact that one jump has been never in his programme, and we began to prepare it only here, in Russia. The guy is very hardworking, I really like his attitude to sports, he always works to the maximum.

Carlos Daniel, young athlete has good skills: he has a good beautiful line, beautiful entrances to the water. However, Carlos didn't get used to work in the Russian hard regime, but we have time and he we will succeed. Carlos did an excellent programme on a ten-meter springboard: jump - 6263 and jump 107B was just prepared in Kazan and he still has to work on it.

In general, I think my divers did their maximum. Now I have a clear understanding of how to work with them, the most important thing is what to work on. I am very grateful to the federations, national teams, the FINA Centre for such great opportunities for young and ambitious jumpers."

«Yesterday I really enjoyed the competition! As always, I was focused on the results, being among the best, having a good preparation, good concentration and good coaches – these are the components of the success», - said Frandeil Gomez.

«This time I felt a little more confident and comfortable in the competition, it did not go as expected but I managed to do the performance better than in practice. I would be happy to come back to Kazan and keep working to improve my programme», - commented Alejandro Solarte.

«I felt much better, I improved my score in comparing to the first competition and I was a little more relaxed, now I have to improve some details to continue my improvement», - said Carlos Daniel.

Congratulations to our divers with their performances in Ruza! There is a lot of work ahead: psychological and physical preparation. The most important thing is that the guys have a desire to develop themselves, they are not afraid to compete with the strongest athletes from Russia. Such opportunities motivate them and do not allow to relax!

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