Developing others, we develop ourselves!

Developing others, we develop ourselves!

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Developing others, we develop ourselves!
On January 30, 2021 FINA Development Centre in Kazan organized a special meeting for new athletes to introduce our team and to present the programme and partners.

During the meeting we were talking about this year in Kazan, following events and our common goals.

Also, there was a presentation of new equipment and swimwear of MadWave company – our official partner, one of the world leading companies in this category . Athletes were able to try on new clothes and learn more about new equipment.

«We have been really waiting for this year and new gathering! We are happy that our international team is growing on a daily basis, that many athletes from all over the World have the opportunity to take part in the Fina Development programme.

I would like to emphasize support of the Ministry of Sport and Russian Authorities that have specially allowed the entrance to the country and provided visas to our scholarship holders, despite worldwide pandemics.

I'm confident that Kazan as a sports capital, and Republic of Tatarstan will show its world known hospitality.

Our main goal for this year is to enable most of the team members to qualify for Tokyo Olympics and represent their respective countries in the best possible way. We would like all of them to become stronger, to improve their skills and of course, results.

But first of all, we would like to enjoy our time together within our multicultural team.

We all believe that developing others, we develop ourselves – this is our main mission», - commented Ranko Tepavcevic, the head of the FINA Development Centre Kazan.

At the end of the meeting there were a little brunch and photoshooting. We wish this season will be full of bright events and good news, our team is rising and this is just the beginning of something amazing!

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