Day two. FINA Scholarship holders continue to improve their results.

Day two. FINA Scholarship holders continue to improve their results.

Day two. FINA Scholarship holders continue to improve their results.

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Day two. FINA Scholarship holders continue to improve their results.
On the second day of competition at the FINA Swimming World Cup in Kazan, the FINA Development athletes managed to perform above all praise.

7 national records and 2 personal records for the team and coaches are a definite success, because the short water season is in full swing, and the best results come from competition to competition.

For the FINA Development team, this start is a good opportunity to experience a tight competitive schedule, as well as strong competition from world-class swimmers.

Today, all 11 athletes of the FINA Development centre took part in the morning part of the Competition.

50 meters breaststroke

1) Fahim Anwari (Afghanistan) showed the new best time of his country - 31.45. As his team-mates and coaching staff note, his breaststroke technique has become noticeably better.

2) Ronan Wantennar (Namibia) at the same distance set a new national record with a time of 27.89 and Ronan himself was pretty close to getting into the top eight of the competition.

3) Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda) was able to give a brilliant swim for himself with a new record of his country and a time of 28.87.

4) Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius) is getting closer to his best record every time, but again it was a little short – 30.25.

50 meters butterfly

5) Lorena Gonzalez (Cuba) was definitely the best in her swim, but a few seconds remained to the best personal record – 28.33.

6) Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda) swam this distance in 29.23, which almost repeated her success.

7) Holy Antsa Rabejaona (Madagascar) also showed a good result for her – 29.72

50 meters backstroke

8) Ali Imaan (Maldives) he was able to swim his best time - 29.23, improving his previous result by half a second, setting a new record for his country.

9) Another hero of this swim, Ronan Wantenaar (Namibia) swam in 26.03, which is slightly worse than his result in Africa, but it's still a decent time for the FINA World Cup.

100 meters freestyle

10) Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda) was able to demonstrate a good distributed force, swimming to a new national record - 54.75.

11) Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria) set a new Nigerian national record at the same distance – 50.52. The young athlete once again shows progress in his freestyle.

12) Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda) showed a remarkable result for himself and his country for the second time in a day, swimming in 50.94, which is a new national record at this distance, improving his previously set record by almost half a second.

100 meters backstroke

13) Holy Antsa Rabejaona (Madagascar) swam the distance in 1:07.59, which became the best personal record for a young swimmer.

200 meters freestyle

14) Lorena Gonzalez (Cuba) showed a very solid time for the FINA World Cup – 2:05.91, a little short of the national record.

And her freestyle technique significantly improved.

200 meters Individual medley

15) Salvador Gordo (Angola) for him it was a fasting day, and not the main discipline, the whole focus is on the final day. As a result – 2:08.84.

The past day is full of events, but the next one should be much brighter, in addition to the performance of our athletes, the winners of the FINA Swimming World Cup of the 2021 season will be determined.

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