Darina, our new assistant coach: "Working with FINA Development Centre athletes is a challenge but I do it with a big open heart, empathy and a smile!"

Darina, our new assistant coach: "Working with FINA Development Centre athletes is a challenge but I do it with a big open heart, empathy and a smile!"


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Darina, our new assistant coach: "Working with FINA Development Centre athletes is a challenge but I do it with a big open heart, empathy and a smile!"
Graduates of the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism have joined the coach team of our Centre. Darina Sergeeva has become one of them. Darina shared with us her story of how she came in swimming and what swimming means to her.

«Hello everyone! My name is Darina Sergeeva. A week ago, my life turned upside down.

Let's start from the very beginning. From childhood, my mother was interested in my hobbies. I was invited to gymnastics, music school, and, in fact, swimming. When my mom asked where I what I liked more, 6-year-old I happily exclaimed: "Pool!". Sometimes we still joke about the fact that I have determined my destiny of my whole life being a kid.

To achieve something, you should do what you love. I can't even give a clear answer, why swimming means a lot for me. I left dancing for the swimming, I studied when I was free from training and swimming camps. I even walked due to a schedule, so I wouldn't miss my trainings. Training was always on the 1st place for me.

My results grew very quickly, although then there were long periods of "downtime". I specialized mostly in freestyle. Additionally, I was swimming butterfly and backstroke.

At the age of 18, I applied to a university with a clear intention to swim after school. I swam for 3 years of 4 years of University. The final training year was held under the strict guidance of Pavel Kutashev, who is currently is a coach of FINA Development Centre. I left sport fully realizing that it was time to develop myself and to change something. And I went not far away where I used to be: I literally went out of the pool and stood on its side.

Now I have my last semester at the Volga Region Academy of Sports and Tourism. On summer I am preparing to get my diploma. But I had never been sure that I would train children in the future. Everything had changed after the second year at the University. First, I worked with children at MadWaveCamp. There I realized that I could get along with athletes. Then I had a practice at the university, I also worked with children.

2 months ago, athletes from the FINA Development Centre in Kazan appeared in my life. I started practicing at the Academy again, and instead of a sports school, my teacher decided that I would do my practice at the FINA Development Center.

It's not true if I say that I instantly have found the way hope to get along with everyone there. But in the end, it seems to me that we managed how to do it.

I always say that swimming is my life. I have been living this life since I was 8 and I see the pool more often than my own home. Therefore, for me the most important thing in this work is not only to teach the athletes to put their hands into the water correctly, but also to help them on a psychological level: to set up goals, guide them, help. I want them to be sure that they can ask me for a help and they will get it.

It is especially interesting to find a common language not only with athletes who grew up in Russia, but also with those who came from other countries. It is necessary to see the huge difference between mentalities and understand that everyone can find their own approach and everyone needs help. Thanks to this project for giving me this opportunity.

I know that I constantly need to learn something new and develop myself for the whole life in order to become a really good coach. And I'm ready for it. My journey begins here, and I am incredibly glad that everything has happened this way».

We are happy that our center will be a good start for Darina and will give her the great opportunities. We also believe that together with Pavel Kudashev and the head coach, our athletes will show good results and will be able to constantly improve their skills.

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