Carlos Daniel Ramos from Havana received a Fina scholarship and now he is one step closer to his dream

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Carlos Daniel Ramos from Havana received a Fina scholarship and now he is one step closer to his dream
In just a few days, Cuban diver - Carlos Daniel Ramos will embark on a journey that could change his following future as he has received a scholarship from the International Swimming Federation (Fina).

Carlos will spend 2021 in the sports capital of Russia, in Kazan, where he will be training with the other talented athletes from different parts of the World, exchange valuable experience, and it is possible that he will have the opportunity to participate in high-level competitions.

"This is what many athletes desire, so I have to take a great advantage of this, try to get the maximum of staing in Kazan for 1 year and to get a valuable experience," - Carlos shared with his feeling in an interview with JIT (National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Tourism) during one training break in Havana.

Carlos told that he was not going to change the current training programme, but since he will go to the FINA Development Centre in Kazan, he is convinced that a year of participation in the program should affect the achievement of goals in his career.

"My dream is very similar with those who are devoted to sports: to get an Olympic medal. I know this is difficult, but I will do everything to try this chance. I will train a lot, I will make efforts and I will not stop dreaming of a medal," - admitted Carlos.

Like everyone who is passionate about diving, Carlos takes an example from Chinese athletes. He admires their perseverance and knows that this is one of the formulas to follow.

"Fortunately, in Cuba, we have Jose Antonio Guerra, who is famous in the World, achieved the best results, and we have his personal experience that inspires us to be better," - commented one of the current national team coaches.

Carlos Daniel, who has devoted himself to diving since the age of five and has received recognition from colleagues for his talent, will now go to Kazan, and he has all the possibilities in his hands!

The FINA Development Centre in Kazan is always happy to meet young athletes with the desire to develop yourself, the main thing is dream and hard work, and then everything will definitely work out!
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