By passing on experience, we strengthen our partnership

By passing on experience, we strengthen our partnership

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By passing on experience, we strengthen our partnership
Last weekend, our swimming team had the opportunity to have an unusual training session for themselves.

The well-known brand Mad Wave camp holds summer training camps in Russia, including Kazan, for children under the guidance of famous athletes and coaches.

At the end of August, the swimming training camps are held by Mikhail Zubkov, a well-known specialist from Ukraine, who has been training young athletes from the CIS countries for several years.

For the team of the FINA Development Center – this is a great opportunity to distract themselves before the first start of the season on the short course and to unload emotionally, and most importantly – to play water polo, which was so lacking.

Nevertheless, the main activity of this day can be considered a joint training session with children from the Mad Wave camp, where young swimmers were pleased to work in the same pool with members of their national teams and participants of the Olympic Games. It was also useful for the coaching staff of the FINA Center to learn a little experience from the famous coach.

And then the long-awaited friendly game of "mini-water polo" was held at the "dessert", where the size of the site and the number of the team were less than standard. The MadWave Camp team and the FINA scholarship holders were mixed up and as a result, a very interesting friendly match turned out.

After such a busy day, the coach of the FINA Center Kutashev Pavel left his comment:

"Such events are certainly necessary for our team, because training in such a serious volume can greatly affect the moral and psychological state, especially before the big starts, and it was simply necessary for us to unload.

And a much bigger plus is the development of international cooperation in the entire swimming community, because it was also nice for the children from Mad Wave Camp to improve their English language skills.

I am sure that our team will be invited more often to events of this kind."
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