9 new National records on the first competition day at FINA swimming world Cup in Kazan

9 new National records on the first competition day at FINA swimming world Cup in Kazan

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9 new National records on the first competition day at FINA swimming world Cup in Kazan
Aquatics palace in Kazan hosted the first competition day at the final stage of the FINA Swimming World Cup (25m). More than 270 athletes from 35 countries of the world take part in this competition.

The FINA Development Center team will remember this day with good sports results, as well as the opportunity to compete alongside world-class athletes such as Kliment Kolesnikov (Russia), Emma McKeon (Australia) and others.

Today, 10 of the 11 athletes of the FINA Center took part in the morning session and showed their best results with dignity, because competing in such a wonderful pool and at such a serious level, the athletes were more strongly focused on improving results.

50 meters freestyle

1) Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda) at the morning session showed a brilliant time for herself As a result of a good time - 25.84, which became a new national record of Uganda.

Kirabo improved it compared to the last success in Accra by almost a second.

2) Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria) showed a solid time of 22.84 in the preliminary heat, which also became a new national record for his country. Once again proved that Colins can properly tune in to a big start.

3) Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda) swam this distance in 23.10, which is a new national record. The previous one improved by almost half a second.

4) Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda) in the 50 freestyle was also very pleased with himself with the new best result of his country - 24.27.

100 meters breaststroke

5) Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius) swam this distance with a score of 1:04.93, but he was very close to his best time. The first 50 meters were given very confidently, but on the last approaches to the finish line it was not enough.

6) Ronan Wantenaar (Namibia) showed a good result in the 100-meter breaststroke 1:01.35, which became a new record of Namibia. Ronan is showing steady progress in breaststroke and it can be seen with the naked eye.

50 meters backstroke

7) Holy Antsa Rabejaona (Madagascar) showed a very good time of 30.55, which became a new record for her country. She was able to feel the atmosphere of a big competition, get experience from world-class stars.

100 meters butterfly

8) Salvador Gordo (Angola) swam this distance in 54.89 and set a new national record. The main disciplines are waiting for Salvador ahead.

9) Fahim Anwari (Afghanistan) also showed the best result for his country - 1:05.15 and he can definitely be proud of him.

100 meters Individual Medley

10) Ronan Wantenaar (Namibia) swam this distance in 56.88, which was slightly worse than Namibia's own record.

11) Iman Ali (Maldives) realized his maximum plan and set a new national record of the country with a time of 1:04.93

12) Salvador Gordo (Angola) approached his second race very tired, but found the strength and performed at his usual level, but without a new record - 57.65

This was the end of the morning program for our team. But the most pleasant news was that Arina Baikova (Latvia), a graduate of the program, arrived at the FINA World Cup in Kazan on the first day and went to the final stage at a distance of 100 meters in complex swimming with a new personal record.

The participants of the scholarship program have 2 more competitive days ahead. We wish them good luck, because there is a lot of work to be done, but we believe in a common cause - in progress.

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