23 new national record on 3 competition days at Tatartstan swimming championships (25m)

23 new national record on 3 competition days at Tatartstan swimming championships (25m)

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23 new national record on 3 competition days at Tatartstan swimming championships (25m)
The new season has started very successfully for our FINA Center swimming team.

FINA scholarship holders showed their level at the Short course Championship of the Republic of Tatarstan (25m).

Last week, the first competitions of the "short course" season were completed, which were attended by the strongest athletes of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as our multinational team, which, despite the fact that it participated outside the general standings of the republican competitions, demonstrated high results on average.

The competitions were held for three days in the Akcharlak pool, which was familiar to the whole team, and a total of 12 athletes participated in 50 individual heats, as well as in 4 relay heats.

1) Arina Baikova (Latvia)

For Arina, this is the 4th participation in the Championship of the Republic of Tatarstan and without a doubt she showed the entire swimming community of the Republic her fighting spirit and, as always, a strong performance, where Arina took first places at almost all distances.

As a result, she managed to improve her personal result twice, and most importantly-to fulfill the qualifying result for the upcoming FINA World Championship (25m) in Abu Dhabi.

50 m breaststroke-33.05 (PB)
100 m IM - 1:02.87
50 m backstroke-0:28.19 (PB)
200 m freestyle-2:01.44
50 m freestyle – 26.31
400 m freestyle – 4:18.40

2) Eloi Maniraguha (Rwanda)

Once again, we were pleased with an athlete from Rwanda, who improved his results at these competitions three times.

Before this competition, Eloi did not perform so often on the "short course", but he opened this season very confidently with three improvements.

100 m freestyle-56.45 (PB)
50 m freestyle-24.59 (NR)
50 m butterfly-26.52 (PB)

3) Habibat Ogunbanwo (Nigeria)

According to a similar scenario, we were pleased with a Nigerian swimmer who broke 4 national records in three days – this is a certain success of Habibat at the adult level. She is only 17 years old, and she will have very big results ahead of her.

100 m freestyle-59.27 (NR)
100 m butterfly-1:07.82 (NR)
100 m backstroke-1:08.42 (NR)
50 m butterfly – 29.23 (NR)

4) Abeku Jackson (Ghana)

Our star athlete from Ghana at this championship of the Republic of Tatarstan proved his status as a strong athlete who won almost all his heats. In addition, he showed a decent time for his country.

100 m IM - 57.37
100 m butterfly-54.11
50 m freestyle-22.97
50 m butterfly – 23.77 (NR)

5) Lorena Gonzalez (Cuba)

Lorena showed her strong and at the same time stable time throughout her studies on the scholarship program and the championship of the Republic of Tatarstan (25m) is no exception, Lorena really showed some of the strongest results at the level of the Republic and as a result, she improved her results twice.

100 m freestyle-57.09 (PB)
100 m butterfly – 1:03.59
50 m butterfly – 28.25 (NR)

6) Jonathan Chung Yee (Mauritius)

For him, these competitions were not as victorious as we would like, but this is the beginning of the season and for our breaststroker it is a set of forms that must necessarily come to the optimal before the World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

50 m breaststroke-30.54
100 m breaststroke-1: 05.05
200 m breaststroke-2:20.33

7) Ronan Wantenaar (Namibia)

This is definitely his best competition, where out of 6 heats on three competition days, he managed to set new national records 5 times. His breaststroke technique impressed many local coaches and athletes. And also at these competitions he definitely gets the title of the most valuable player of the team. We are sure that Ronan will not stop there.

50 m breaststroke-28.15 (NR)
100 m IM -56.82 (NR)
50 m backstroke-25.76 (NR)
100 m breaststroke-1:01.91 (NR)
100 m backstroke – 56.97 (NR) first stage of the relay

8) Kirabo Namutebi (Uganda)

A young athlete from Uganda really conquers great peaks and she once again passed the competition with a good improvement of her and national results.

50 m breaststroke-33.87 (NR)
100 m IM – 1:07.50 (PB)
50 m backstroke-31.34 (PB)
50 m freestyle-26.42 (NR)
50 m butterfly – 29.23 (NR)

9) Tendo Mukalazi (Uganda)

Another athlete from Uganda was also able to surprise everyone at the start of the "short course" season, demonstrating a very good mood and swimming technique. He was able to improve 4 national records from four heats. It was very strong!

100 m freestyle – 52.45 (NR)
50 m backstroke-28.00 (NR)
50 m freestyle-23.81 (NR)
50 m butterfly-26.20 (NR)

10) Colins Obi Ebingha (Nigeria)

Our Nigerian athlete has already surprised everyone at the previous starts on the "long water", and now it's time to improve the records of his country at 25m distances. Every swim of Colins is an improvement, which we are very proud of.

100 m freestyle-51.26 (NR)
100 m butterfly-54.16 (PB)
50 m freestyle-23.23 (NR)
50 m butterfly – 23.98 (NR)

11) Holy Antsa Rabejaona (Madagascar)

This athlete also managed to "noisily" hold these competitions at the level of the Republic of Tatarstan and improve all her four heats.

100 m freestyle-59.80 (PB)
50 m backstroke-30.79 (PB)
50 m freestyle-27.84 (PB)
50 m butterfly-28.83 (NR)

12) Ali Imaan (Maldives)

The young athlete had a good opportunity to rehabilitate himself after a long pause last season and start preparing for Abu Dhabi. He has already started swimming freestyle distances, although he swam only on his back on the "long water" and is now adapting well to new challenges for himself. There is one improvement in personal time.

100 m freestyle-58.43
50 m backstroke-30.17
200 m freestyle-2.09.40
50 m freestyle – 26.87
100 m backstroke – 1:05.30

The competitions can undoubtedly be considered the most successful during the existence of the FINA Development Center and this is just the beginning, many events are expected ahead, where our fellows will definitely demonstrate their class and desire to progress !

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