FINA Diving World Cup in Tokyo is the main rehearsal before the Olympics

FINA Diving World Cup in Tokyo is the main rehearsal before the Olympics

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FINA Diving World Cup in Tokyo is the main rehearsal before the Olympics
Tomorrow, on May 1, the long-awaited Diving World Cup will start, postponed from 2020.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the international start of such an elite level is a symbol of the transition to a favorable environment in international events.

The sports celebration continues, and at the same time, it is a great opportunity for our FINA Scholarship holders to qualify for the Olympic Games.

The world's strongest jumpers will compete in Tokyo's new technology pool from May 1-6.

The composition of our team represented at the World Cup:

Frandiel Gomez Vargas (Dominican Rebublic) – 3 m springboard + synchro, 10 m platform + synchro

Carlos Ramos (Cuba) - 10 m platform

Alejandro Solarte (Colombia) -

10 m platform

Jesus Gonzalez (Venezuela) - 10 m platform + synchro

Oscar Ariza (Venezuela) – 10m Platform + Synchro

The head coach of the scholarship program in diving, Pavel Muyakin, spoke about the expectations before the most important jump start over the past year, and also left his comment on the level of training of new athletes who arrived in April:

"Of course, I would like all our athletes to show their best results at the World Cup, which they showed in training in Kazan.

All five athletes prepared diligently, sometimes even exceeding the plan for a separate training cycle.

If we talk about the overall result of the team, the only obstacle is the lack of time to prepare our two athletes from Venezuela, who arrived just 2 weeks ago.

But you can see that they have a "fire in their eyes", as well as a great hard work – this is exactly what I respect very much in high-class athletes.

At the upcoming Diving World Cup, success will depend not only on the level of technical and athletic training, but also on psychological stability and moral and strong-willed training. After all, at such serious starts, excitement comes to the fore, given that there will be qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo ahead.

But I can say with confidence that the level of training of our five athletes meets the Olympic standard, and in July of this year we will definitely see representatives of the FINA Center from Kazan " in the Tokyo jump pool…»

The FINA Development Center team is also optimistic about the upcoming Diving World Cup and we wish great success to the entire team.
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